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JOYPACK brand machine use stretch film produced from ExxonMobil Chemical Exxon and Dow Chemical Dow imported Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resins and Metallocene raw material , the stretch film we produce has many advantages :high tensile strength , high retraction force ,strong puncture resistance , high transparency ,strong tear resistance , widely used in pallet wrapping and semi-finished products wrapping ,a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items ,The plastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound , dustproof , moisture proof , play a role in the protection of the goods , which makes the flow more flexible and convenient , labor-saving , high efficiency and less cost .
PP strap is made of raw material polypropylene.Light weight, long length, strong tension, bright color, good adhesion .Make sure your product package is firmly in place.And through ROHS environmental certification requirements.Our company adopts the global advanced production line and the embossing technology to produce, so that the bale belt is smooth and stable, the belt is smoother.Improving baling efficiency and reducing loss is the best choice in baling operation.We also have printing equipment, which can be printed on PP belt according to customer's requirement.
Bopp adhesive tape it also called packing tape, with polypropylene film as the backing material, the BOPP film after dealing with the high voltage corona, one side surface is rough, the one-side coated with acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive, can be customized according to customer demand, through the slitting machine, cutting into small volumes of specifications ranging, is light industry enterprises, the company, individual life indispensable products.

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Ming Ye Packing Materials Co.,Ltd,Began in 2007 and has the right of independent Import & Export.It is a company that focuses on packaging materials manufacturing and packaging solutions.Our professional products:PE Stretch Film, PP Strap,BOPP Adhesive Tape etc. Packing materials.Factory Area of 12000,The monthly output value can reach over 10 million.Got ISO9001,German TUV,GMC and other systems certification.Through SGS,TTS,IQTC and other industrial certifications With JoyPack Packaging Equipment Co.,LTD Cooperate,one-stop solution materials and packaging machinery problems.
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