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VISION BIO-PLA, founded in 2011, which focusing on R&D and Manufacturing biodegradable materials (PLA) in the field of packaging and film. We are a high-tech enterprise, and it is also a unit responsible of the
new material industrialization project in film industry.
We have two advanced manufacturing plants in Dongguan and Hunan,China. mainly producing a variety of PLA degradation films (BIO-based) and their green-safe coating films. We have two advanced lines from Germany, and one lines from Japan, which producing high quality and stable products.
We have a strong R&D team,an independent laboratory and advanced testing equipment, a complete system for quality control and inspection . we will become a leader of the degradation materials for friendly environmentally.
Degradation performance, we can provide a full set of certification of the EU authoritative testing institutions: OK COMPOST certification

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