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Founded in 2012, Foshan Nanhai Hengxiehui Chemical Co., LTD., is an authorized distributor of BASF (China) Co., Ltd.'s adhesives and fiber bonding products in South China. We specialise in BASF industrial adhesive raw materials, BASF feature additives, BASF water-based acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesives and other products, and also the sales of rosin, polymerized rosin, rosin resin and other related products.   As the authorized dealer of BASF, we focus on packaging materials, building materials, non-woven fabrics, fibers, electronics industry, pigment coatings, printing industry, automotive and other industries with an international vision and years of experience in the chemical industry. We cover a series of products such as B0PP, PET, PE and other packaging, label materials, advertising decoration materials, surface protection, paper products, shoe materials, sound insulation materials, textile printing, spray-coated cotton bonding and so on..  We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products and technical consulting services. 
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Epotal® ECO 3702 is a waterborne adhesive raw material which is compostable according to EN 13432. The adhesive is particularly suited for the production of multi-layer films based on a broad variety of compostable films and paper. The laminate has a high initial bond strength enabling direct further converting.

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Epotal® CF 788 X

Epotal CF 788 X我司这款双组份水性复合胶主要用于食品软包/药包中多层结构的粘合,多边封,热封袋等均适用,具有耐热性好,剥离力强,极低气味等优点

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Epotal CF 715 X

Epotal CF 715 X是一种单组份使用的软包装复合水性分散体粘合剂。对多种薄膜面材具有优异的粘结性能。且生产的产品可以立刻分切。

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