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MEIJOY Group has 18 years of experience in import and export trade and has formed strategic partnerships with key global customers. Guangdong Suhuasuan Industry Internet Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of MEIJOY. Its business scope includes international trade of plasticizing raw materials, plastic raw material industry Internet platform "Suhuasuan", and intelligent warehousing agency services.
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AFFINITYT PL 1280G Polyolefin Plastomer is a Polyolefin Plastomer (POP) produced using INSITE Technolog from Dow Plastics. It is specifically designed for use as a sealant layer in flexlble structures for the packaging of meat and cheese, dry foods and consumer goods. Due to its excellent sealablity at low temperatures, ultimate hot tack strength, optical properties and abuse resistance, it is particularly suitable for high speed fom-fill-seal packaging machines.

DOW OBC 9817

INFUSE 9817 Olefin Block Copolymer is a high performance olefin block copolymer that offers excellent performance in durable, flexible injection molded industrial and consumer goods. INFUSE 9817 has a higher set up temperature, which allows for faster injection molding cycle times. In addition, its high crystallization temperature and lower density drive to lower production cost by reducing cycle time and reducing part weight.


Kraton G1701 H is a clear, linear diblock copolymer based on styrene and ethylene/propylene with a polystyrene content of 37%. It is supplied from North America in the physical form identified below. Kraton G1701 HU - supplied as a powder. Kraton G1701 H is used as a modifier of bitumen and polymers. It is also suitable as an ingredient in formulating compounds for footwear applications and may be used in formulating adhesives, sealants, and coatings.

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