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It is a high-tech enterprise and a leading enterprise; it is one of the high-end equipment suppliers in the global pulp molding industry. Focus on providing solutions for automated pulp molding production lines and pulp molding products, serving the global pulp products, pulp tableware, pulp trays and other industries. In 2011, the company has taken the lead in using advanced technologies such as in-line trimming and stacking, robot application, rotary multi-station structure, rotary suction, servo control, and online detection and rejection. The products include dry pressing equipment for industrial package customers, wet pressing equipment for high-quality industrial packages, and automatic wet pressing production lines with high output. The equipment is characterized by high speed, high precision, low energy consumption, firm structure and safe performance. Reliable and high configuration.
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Forming, hot pressing automation The equipment technology is mature, reliable and stable, with high efficiency and output, PLC control, closed-loop control, accurate control, fast speed, strong anti-interference ability, and guaranteed safety The equipment has high mechanical precision, which is conducive to the production of high dimensional precision wet pressing products Integrated forming and hot pressing, high product qualification rate, wide product adaptability


Meishi MST-300 and MST-600 plant fiber and pulp molding test proofing integrated machines are specially designed for laboratories and research and development centers. characteristic: 1 Only a few raw materials are needed to make samples 2. Simple mechanism, easy to clean and avoid material pollution 3. The equipment occupies a small area 4. Perfect functions, integrating functions of pulping, forming, hot pressing, trimming, vacuum, air compression, etc 5 Easy installation 6 Easy to use, the forming machine can produce products from the lower mold or transfer to the upper mold (screen setting) 7. It can work when connected to the power supply


High equipment efficiencyHigh output Precise control of pressure, speed, acceleration Long service life of the equipment, basic components can be used for 20 years without problems Produced products are hygienic, clean, and qualified Special formula and special process for manufacturing castings Key materials are processed, such as heat treatment, surface treatment High template flatness The deformation of the template under heat and force is very small High-precision machining of large size parts High configuration, standard parts are international first-class brands The real-time bus controls the servo drive, which plays the role of closed-loop control. The control is accurate, fast, strong anti-interference ability, and safe. Quick mold change, quick and easy The servo structure completely cancels the hydraulic system, and there are no sealing parts to be maintained, which greatly reduces the time and cost of shutdown maintenance.

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