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At the beginning of its establishment, Saimin Color Masterbatch took independent R & D and technological innovation as the goal, gathered a large number of elite talents in the industry, and innovated a series of color masterbatch products with domestic and international advanced level. The R & D team covers injection molding, film blowing, wire drawing, film, film coating, pipe and other disciplines.
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"Sayang" brand color masterbatch is strictly made of well-known brand raw materials, pigments (dyes) and additives at home and abroad, with special technology and scientific formula; Color matching granulation is carried out according to the sample provided by the user, and the raw materials used by the customer are selected as the corresponding color masterbatch carrier to make the customer produce perfectly. Due to the strict screening of raw materials, the products have excellent dispersion and coloring power, high concentration, bright color, and good performance in heat resistance and weather resistance.

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