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Weetabix claims all packaging ‘100% fully recyclable’
Publish date: 2023-03-31

The cereal manufacturer said that the development impacts its entire product portfolio.

According to Weetabix, all paper-based packaging components and Weetabix On The Go drinks bottles are widely recyclable at home, and plastic wrap components can be recycled with soft plastics at most major supermarkets.

Mark Tyrrell, packaging development manager at Weetabix Food Company, said: “The final piece of the sustainable packaging puzzle for us was bringing Alpen 1.1kg inner bags and Ready brek sachets in line with the credentials of the rest of our materials. We did extensive testing with our supplier to come up with recyclable film options that would run smoothly on our machines. These new recyclable films ensure there is no compromise on product freshness, meaning that our consumers can be confident of the same great Weetabix quality and taste whilst knowing they are using their purchasing power for the good of the planet.



Source: Packaging News

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