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【Go to Israel】Experience the charming of HP Indigo 20000
Content outline:

HP leads audiences to visit the HP R&D Center in Israel.

Explore the core technology of HP Indigo LEP
Live experience of 3m spot color matching in 5 minutes
Variable data, multiple jobs and multiple versions printing
Understand the cutting-edge digital back-end solutions to achieve immediate listing [network customization, personalization, rapid delivery, business growth, and new market development]
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Digital Printing + C2M Modeling Online Visiting of LVAI
Content Outline:

The packaging is an important marketing strategy for brands building up the relationship with their customers. Under the customization era, how to use packaging strengthens brand image and catching up with the customer purchasing preferences are the main focus of brands. Flexible packaging manufacturers help brands achieve more intuitive and low-cost marketing by product packaging.

From traditional large-scale production to personalized customized production, how does digital printing empower business model innovation for printing companies? This time we invited the international leading digital printing technology company China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. to explore the digital flexible packaging factory with LVAI and its custom packaging production workshop.

Language: Mandarin
Packaging Forum - Environment-Friendly Packaging Solutions Sharing Session By China Plastic & Rubber Journal
Content outline

1.The future of flexible packaging with a sustainable packaging design

2.Application of environmental protection coating "black" technology in recycling packaging

3.The development status of China's recycled plastics industry, big data analysis and green supply chain

4.Round table discussion

Language: Mandarin
Packaging Forum- E-Commerce Packaging And Personalized Marketing Under Stay-At-Home Economy By China Plastic & Rubber Journal
Content outline

1.Embrace the trend of e-commerce: Dow e-commerce packaging solutions

2.The spark of e-commerce product packaging attributes and consumer demand


Language: Mandarin
Packaging Forum- Thin Wall Injection Molding By China Plastic & Rubber Journal
Content outline

1.Innovation and future trend of thin wall injection molding methods for packaging

2.The application of thin wall injection molding with IMD technology on packaging

3.Thin wall injection molding process and mold design

4.Round table discussion

Language: Mandarin
Online Packaging Show- Younger Design For Health Products
Content Outline:

Undoubtedly, packaging design is a very core part of brand design. The design gives consumers the first impression and is often the main driving force for purchasing behaviour.

The packaging of healthcare products, in the eyes of many people, should be very rigorous, old-fashioned, formal, and solemn. But the consumer generation of healthcare product market is getting younger, how can packaging design cater to the young consumers? Our guest, with 21 years of experience in the design industry, shares some fashionable, young and trendy packaging design of healthcare products.

Language: Mandarin
Online Printing Show - Smart Factory Development
Content Outline:
Practical viewpoints of smart factory development, case study, and suggestion
Language: Mandarin
Explore Take-out Packaging Opportunities With Food And Beverage Industry
Content Outline:

At the beginning of 2020, China's food and beverage industry has experienced the rough time brought about by the COVID-19. What is the impact of the food and beverage industry in a difficult situation under the epidemic? How does the food and beverage industry do to stop losses? Which form of catering will be favored? [Live broadcast] Invite well-known catering founder to deeply analyze how food and beverage companies transform to meet challenges and opportunities!

I. Impact Of The Epidemic

1. Turnover from million to 0

2. Renters must not be less

3. Confused about future catering

II. Turn "Crisis" Into "Business Opportunity"

1. How do online products impress consumers

2. How about the whole network marketing strategy

3. How to solve online technical problems

4. How to get through the Wechat Moments channel

III. Online And Offline Services

1. How to use coupons to boost up the repeat purchase rate

2. How to drive consumption through live broadcast

3. How to lock fans through the community

Language: Mandarin
Analysis And Enlightenment Of Logistics And FMCG Packaging Demand Under The Epidemic
Content Outline:

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has a great impact on people's daily life and all industries. Among them, the logistics and FMCG industry are closely related to daily life, which play an important role in guaranteeing the basic needs during the epidemic. At the same time, the epidemic also brings opportunities and challenges to the logistics and FMCG packaging industry. How to meet the packaging needs of these industries, expand the application and value of packaging, and achieve green, functional and intelligent packaging under the epidemic are the problems that we need to analyze and think carefully. This video will do some analysis and discussion on the above topics to explore any new ideas.

Language: Mandarin
How To Become An Outstanding Warehouse Manager Under The Epidemic
Content Outline:

1 Some precautions for warehouse management under the epidemic

2 Perspective of a manager

3 Think ahead

4 How to manage warehouse emergency supplies

5 Reason of identification and visualization

Language: Mandarin
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