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Number of Visitors: 35,740
Visitors from more than 100 countries and regions
Including Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, etc.
Extensive Support from Buyer Delegations at Sino-Pack2017
  • Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers
  • The Thai Packaging Association
  • Indonesia Packaging Federation
  • Korea Packaging Association
Local Buyer Groups(Partial List)
  • Amway (China) Co., Ltd
  • Tonly Electronics Holdings Limited
  • Midea Group
  • Guangdong Strong Group Co.,Ltd
  • Guangdong Esquel Textiles Company Limited
  • Food Industry Association Shenzhen
  • China Resources Ng Fung Limited
  • Zed Candy(Dongguan) Company Limited
  • Huizhou Food Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Packaging Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Hai Pa Wang Foods Co.,Ltd
  • Guangdong Pharmaceutical Profession Association
  • Gree Electric Appliances,Inc.of Zhuhai
  • Foshan Haitian Flavouring and Food Co.,Ltd
  • Chaoan County Food Industry Association
  • Huizhou Food Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Toys Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd
  • Guangdong Provincial Alcohol Industry Association Beer Branch
  • Guangdong Dairy Industry Association
  • Food Industry Association Meizhou
  • BYD Company Limited
  • Association of Guangdong Province Food Production Technology
  • P & G Co. Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Blue Moon Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • Guangdong Food Profession Association
  • GD Procurement and Supply Chain Association
  • Food Industry Association Dongguan
  • Bottled Drinking Water Association of Guangdong