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Such a paper is widely applied to the packaging of many types of solid (or hard) sweets, thanks to its excellent properties in terms of nontoxicity ,easy and stable packaging
As the favour of a new generation of plastic packaging ,the 8-side seal bags that we produce look beautiful and can even replace the heavy containers to pack things or products
pet Food Bags

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As a professional company engaging in the packaging industry and business all in one for years since its founding, LuckyPac Co., Ltd. owns 3 subsidiary processing and printing factories and specializes in the design, development, production, processing, marketing and sales of its own packaging products. Now it has 350 employees of which 115 are specialized technical personnel and the rest 235 are workers. It has a total floor area of 30,000 M2 for the production and 28,000 M2 for its built-up area. It owns more than 30 units and sets of state of the art offset printing presses, rotogravure printing presses and flexographic printing presses of which they are respectively low, medium and high speed rotogravure printing presses, extrusion laminators, low, medium and high speed dry laminators, imported offset printing presses, computer-assisted slitters and bag making equipment; its laboratory is equipped with more than 10 units and sets of quality control and testing equipment. LuckyPac Co., Ltd. and its factories can produce and sell more than 4,000 tons of packaging materials and flexible paper and plastic products.
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