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昆保达公司专业生产纸浆模塑环保纸浆托,材料100%纸纤维可降角循环再利用。 适用范围:通讯类、数码类、化妆品类、酒类、家居类、精品湿压产品可配合客户要求染不同颜色等纸浆托。
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KBD PULP MOLDING P;ACKAGED PRODUCTS CO LTD was established in1994 weadhere to environmental protection and are committed to developoing enterprise we received the iso9001 quality certification in january 2003 we focus our business around paper pulp packaging pulp (pulp tray pulp pallet),pulp mold and pulp molding machinery KBD currently development of advanced techonoogy KBD has developed into the larges and most technyangtze river delta region
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