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Intaglio printing has a long history in the anti-counterfeiting, it is used on 97% of the banknotes and passports. Especially in recent years, intaglio printing on ink, adding many optical, multi-layer coating and other technologies, as well as the development and application of high-tech processes which has further enhanced its mainstream position in anti-counterfeiting.The pros and cons of intaglio technology depend on the height of the ink stack and the difficulty of integrating the special ink and process. In both aspects, T-Security is the leading position in this industry. Intaglio machines are very expensive on the cost of manufacturing and are regulated in some countries, so they are not in widespread use. For example, T-Security is one of the few anti-counterfeiting companies in the Asia-Pacific region that has banknote-level engraving intaglio. Therefore, the use of intaglio labels can greatly reduce the risk of labels being forged.
The application of holograms on banknotes and passports are a trend in recent years. In addition to being easily recognizable by the human eye, it is one of the few technologies that have been confirmed by the scientific community and also an unrepeatable technology. The identification of the digital hologram is far superior compared to the traditional hologram. The indicators that determine its pros and cons are the resolution, optical function design and operation capabilities. T-Security does not only lead the industry in these two aspects but also innovates and develops the world's digital reflective hologram. In this field, the core technology of T-Security has a world-class level. Take the latest "focal image" technology as an example, and the "3-D Security Ribbon" on the new version of the 100-dollar bill in 2013 is at the same level. Currently, there are only a few manufacturers are possessing this technology worldwide. The imitation is extremely difficult.
Brand encountered serious counterfeiting problems in sales, so it proposed to combine with the eyeglasses body, design the tag which is difficult to copy and reuse. Using the same level of technology and identification as the US dollar anti-counterfeiting technology, and considering the anti disassembly and consumer experience of the label, it is made in a special way. Considering the market risk, product characteristics and consumer experience in an all-round way, we integrate them into anti-counterfeiting solutions, deeply protect the brand and provide evidence to fight against counterfeits and safeguard rights.

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T-Security is the total solution provider for anti-counterfeiting and security control. We not only solve and decrease losses caused by counterfeiters in the process of selling goods and services but also, we leverage counterfeiters and try to make them useful for brands. Besides solving customers problems, T-Security is able to balance the interests of consumers, counterfeiters and brand, and become an important partner to help customers grow. T-Security provides solutions that are best in value instead of price.
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