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Resealable bag sealing tape is a kind of bag sealing tape covered with HDPE/BOPP film, used for sealing BOPP/PE material plastic bags( like OPP bag, garment bag ).  We use PET as the middle basic material, double coated with good quality pressure sensitive and water activated acrylic adhesive. Except for HDPE and BOPP liner, here are also: antistatic HDPE liner, PEPA liner, metalized liner(antistatic), colorful liner(such as blue, red, yellow), glassine paper. It is usually called self-adhesive sealing tape, resealable sealing tape. Bags sealed with the tape can be opened and closed for many times.
Permanent bag sealing tape is made up of silicone coated film(PEPA/BOPP/Aluminum), hot melt adhesive, acrylic adhesive and PET. It's suitable for one-off sealing security bags, express delivery bag, confidential bag and other plastic bags. This tape with excellent adhesive seal the bag tightly and can't be for the second usage.
Release liner is used for protecting glue in courier bags, express bags and security bags. Here are HDPE, BOPP, PEPA, Aluminum, Glassine and PET material. One side or double sides release are available.

Company Profile

Shanghai Qichang Tape Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000 and located in Shanghai. More than 10000 square meters of workshop and office building, over 100 professional workers(80% workers have over 8 years experience) and advanced machines imported from Germany ensure our tapes are in best quality. Our main products are resealable bag sealing tape, permanent bag sealing tape, release liner, Plastic zipper, dispenser and rewinding machine. The resealable bag sealing tape is used for sealing plastic bags, like OPP bags, garment bags. The permanent bag sealing tape is used for sealing courier bags, security bags, mailing bags and express bags, like DHL bag, TNT bags. We have MSDS, SGS, REACH and ROHS certificates. Our tapes have been exported to over 60 countries. Devotion makes profession! Welcome to talk and built long-term cooperation with us!
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