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Imported 4.2m synchronous biaxially stretched nylon film production line and 5.3m synchronous high-speed biaxially stretched nylon film production line. The equipment quality is reliable, the product quality is stable, and various high-quality films of 10-30um are suitable for compounding and printing. A variety of functional requirements.
World's advanced level of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) new packaging material production line, specializing in the production of 10-60um high quality film, long-term professional production of woven film, shallow screen-printing film and other series of general plastic packaging film.
Our company has independently developed various plastic additives for BOPP plastic film production, including BOPP Matt Masterbatch, BOPP Antistatic Masterbatch, BOPP Anti-blocking Masterbatch, etc.

Company Profile

Huaruida, established in 2000, mainly focuses on film and soft packaging manufacturing and R&D. With 3 BOPP, 2 BOPA, 3 color printing, 3 raw material production lines, we are able to support different customers' demands with sufficient capacity, including internal and external business. Equipped with advanced technology, talent team, efficient process, we are aiming to deliver high quality products with low cost.
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