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PE stretch film (also known as wrap film) has high tensile strength, tear strength, and good self-adhesiveness, so that the object can be wrapped into a whole to prevent it from collapsing and falling during transportation. The film has excellent transparency. The wrapped object is beautiful and can make the object waterproof, dustproof and damage-proof. The film is widely used in the packaging of goods pallets, such as electronics, building materials, chemicals, metal products, auto parts, wire and cable, daily necessities, food and other industries.
Case sealing adhesive paper is widely used in carton sealing packaging, warehouse sealing goods, container goods shipment, product sealing and fixation, case sealing packaging, carton binding and finished product cutting of case sealing adhesive paper.
PE plastic bag is the most widely used plastic bag in our life. The plastic bag material looks transparent, feels smooth, soft and has little noise and toughness. This plastic material has the characteristics of non-toxic and tasteless, and the price of the plastic bag is relatively cheap, so it is used in food, clothing, industry, agriculture, medicine, electronics, hardware and other industries!

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Specializing in the production of sealing tape, PE plastic bags, OPP plastic bags, packing tape, PE stretch film, machine stretch film, pearl cotton and other integrated packaging materials Co., Ltd.; welcome customers to contact us, we will In line with the best products to provide users with the best service purposes and dedication to help you!
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