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Stringent Japanese Quality Control System with exceptional tensile strength and bonding Fully Auto Machine Strap: Used with fully or semi-automatic strapping machines.Hand Straps comes in a handy dispenser box. Easy to use and tension by hand. Can be sealed with poly buckles, wire buckles or metal seals. Hiroyuki polyester strapping can be tensioned to a higher percentage of its break strength than any other strapping material. It provides superior retained tension under hot, humid conditions and is more resistant to such environments then other plastic strapping. It also provides greater load stability during storage and shipping. Hiroyuki strap is strong, yet resilient enough to perform smoothly and reliably in power strapping machines and hand tools. And it's more tear and snag resistant than other plastic strapping.
Strong Cast Polypropylene Film with excellent stretch capacity &puncture resistance. High clarity for barcode scanning to ensure easy handling. Cast Machine Film Thin Core Technology: 1st in Asia with latest technology in pallet wrapping Environmental Cares, uses less paper.
1st Company in Malaysia invest Recycling Line in Bio-Based PET Bottle to Bottle Food Grade Resin. Latest Technology for production of High quality PET resin. Introduce new mechanisms to encourage recycling and environmental protection for the nation.

Company Profile

Hiroyuki Industries are one of largest manufacturers in South East Asia, manufacturer of high quality Polypropylene(PP), Polyester (PET) Bands, Cast Stretch Film & PE Tying Twine & Bio-based Polyester Resin - Food Grade, our head quarter in Tokyo, Japan. We provide one-stop service to our clients by handling customs procedures and delivery goods in the shortest possible time to clients' designated locations. Customer could request to combine various products in one container. We want to be a company friendly to the earth and people. We would like to deliver the best products to our customers. Hiroyuki has production based in Malaysia, and has established an optimal quality control system. We will contribute to the world widely by challenging the development of products with reduced environmental burden and promotion of recycling, high quality products of Japan quality control system at Malaysia plant by using lastest technology machine and equipment.
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