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It is mainly used for sealing boxes, sealing, capping and binding articles, etc. It can also be used as office supplies. Stability & binding, packing & sealing, also suitable for automatic packing of carton and carton by sealing machine.The polarizing film of LIQUID crystal display device is attached for polarizing film transmission detachment, and the touch screen OCA optical adhesive is attached for OCA transmission separation detachment, as well as the stripping of various protective film
Paper products mounted on a transparent plastic film, is covered with film. The film is divided into "light film" and "dumb film". Light film surface effect crystal bright, colorful, long - term color - free. With soft feel and colorful surface design and color, it is a kind of safe and environmentally friendly building materials that can be selected according to the changes of color perception of The Times. Film mulch color personality, elegant and popular taste. Pearlite film, ordinary film, imitation metal film and many other varieties can meet the various needs of consumers.
Water - based pressure sensitive adhesive has the advantages of low cost, safe use, no pollution, short polymerization time, easy to stick, peel is not difficult, but not damaged, in a long time adhesive layer will not dry solid, so also known as adhesive. With excellent pressure sensitivity and adhesion, and light resistance, aging resistance, water resistance is also relatively good, pressure sensitivity almost does not decline with time. Mainly used for various BOPP tape, aluminum foil tape, medical tape, protective film tape, fiber release paper compound, etc.

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Guangdong Yuehui Technologies Inc.(Stock Symbol:837713) was founded in 2005, after more than ten years of careful cultivation, it has developed into large enterprise specialized in research, production and sale of adhesive industry with modernization, specialization, and scale. Based on produce Bopp packing tape of YUE HUI brand,double sided tape, printed tape, masking tape, stationery tape, we also keeping research and development of new adhesive material.
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