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Polyester strap (PET strap) is a new environmental-protection packing material to substitute steel strap. It can save about 50% cost comparing with steel strap. PET strap can be used in various industries, like Aluminum ingot, Glass, Ceramic, Ply wood, Construction material like stone, marble and brick, Paper, Cotton baling, Fiber baling, Clothes bailing, Steel plate, Steel pipe etc.

Company Profile

STEK: 1. ISO:9001certified, AAR approval,TUV Certificate, SGS apprval-which has  the highest quality standard in the world. 2.STEK is the biggest exporter in China, monthly exporting 40 containers, daily output over 130 tons. 3.STEK covers market over 80 countries. 4.STEK built his strong know-how through serving many big end users for years in various  industries like timber, aluminum ingots, ceramic tiles, bricks, cotton/fibre baling and so on. 5.STEK has a strong professional international sales team, and experienced engineers dedicated to the industries, which can supply you high quality strapping bands and good after sales services. 
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