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Our Heat Transfer Film can apply on various of plastic products made of (ABS, AS, PS, PC, PP, PE, PVC and etc.). In addition, Heat Transfer printting is also feasible to coated wood, bamboo, metal and glass.
IML can apply on different shape of plastic products, and we can produce IML with so many different effect, like metalic, glossy, matt, glitter.

Company Profile

Zhejiang Jinyan Printing Co.,Ltd was established in 1990, and now has grown to a comprehensive enterprise in heat-transfer printing film and IML market. Equipped with 16 advanced auto computerized printing production lines, 200 experienced workers, 25-year printing experience and research & development ability, Jinyan now is a surface decoration expert for plastic, glass and coated wood and metal products, which can provide one-stop service including design, cylinder-making, cutting, packing, shipping to all customers.
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