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Tianjin Yutian Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is a modern aseptic bag manufacturing enterprise invested by Tianjin Dayang Guangda New Material Corporation. Relying on its mother companys many years production experience of thermal laminated film (aluminized & nylon) and PE film blowing supplied to many domestic aseptic bag making enterprises, and taking advantage of on the bag making machines using by domestic aseptic bag making enterprises, a customized bag making line of Tianjin Yutian is specializing in supplying the whole series (1-1600lt) of aseptic bags. Using the advanced Germany hot-seal bar & high quality thermal lamination VMPET produced by its mother company, combined with advanced production technology and perfect quality control and mature testing experience, Tianjin Yutian is capable to provideleading in the industry, all series of aseptic bags (ton bag, 220 lt and all kinds of BIB) and non-aseptic ton bags matching for rental bins.
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