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Been specializing in production of various types of bottle labels and food flexible packaging for more than 30 years, our company has grown into the most
influential manufacturer of color-printing packaging in Southwest China. It has built solid cooperation with some famous beverage brands like Nongfu Spring,
Nestle, Cestbon, etc.The company employs the advanced Fuji FCD-9 Color Intaglio Press which can simultaneously print nine colors of high precision with
a speed up to 250m/min. One more advanced equipment of Fuji MD-10-130 to be installed in early 2020 which can print 10 colors with a speed up to 350m/min.
With a complete production line composed of printing press, laminator, splitting machine, and film blowing machine, it can produce various kinds of labels with
materials of PET, BOPP, PVC, OPS, five-layer co-extruded film. Looking forward to your kind cooperation!
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