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How can the industry increase the rate of easily recyclable plastic packs?
Publish date: 2021-06-10


A recent study from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research found that only 27% of plastic packaging on the Dutch market is easily recyclable. We spoke with Marieke Brouwer, one of the scientists behind the project, to learn about how the industry can look to boost this rate.

To start us off, please could you give our readers a general overview of the study and its key findings?

We studied the percentage of well-recyclable packages on the Dutch market and compared this with data of 2014 and 2017. Also, we made a more detailed analysis of the recyclability of the packages taking into account all their design aspects.


This rendered insights into the percentage of well- and limited recyclable packages on the Dutch market and the causes for limited recyclability. Next, we analysed if these limited recyclable packages could be easily re-designed or if the redesign of these packages would cause important dilemmas that need to be solved (food waste, for example).

The result of the study can be best shown in a graph, with a key finding being that the amount of well-recyclable packages on the Dutch market is 27%.


Full article: Packaging Europe

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