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Tri-Star Packaging introduces home compostable kraft food boxes
Publish date: 2021-11-17

Tri-Star Packaging has introduced new kraft food boxes lined with Notpla Coating, a special lining made from seaweed, which replaces the plastic coating usually used on foodservice products.

According to Tri-Star, Notpla Coating does not require specific recycling pathways or specialised industrial composting equipment to degrade. It takes less than six weeks to completely decompose in a home composting environment.


“For many years, our mission has been to seek out, test and introduce a wider variety of more sustainable packaging,” said Tri-Star Packaging sales director Lee Richards. “We are excited to announce the introduction of these new recyclable and home-compostable kraft food boxes, which feature Notpla Coating, made from naturally renewable and abundant seaweed.


“The boxes are manufactured in the UK, from sustainable sources which include up to 25% grass. Adding to their sustainable credentials, they also make a significant contribution to carbon footprint reduction, saving over 250kg of carbon-dioxide and 3,000 litres of water per tonne of carton board, when compared to conventional fibre alternatives.”


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