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Top Five Packaging Trends of 2023
Publish date: 2023-02-28


1. Value Sizes: Inflation, global economic uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, and rising prices are causing consumers to change their habits, putting a newfound focus on how packaging sizes can offer greater affordability and meet consumers’ value-for-money needs.

2. Smart Packaging: With the ability to do things like monitor freshness, provide ingredient, nutrient, and health specifications, display information about a brand or company, or create an interactive consumer experience, “smart packaging” has a multitude of uses, and its popularity will only continue to grow.

3. Inclusive Design: It’s anticipated that inclusive design will transition from a trend to the norm in 2023 as consumers increasingly look to support companies and brands that are socially responsible and demonstrate a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility.

4. Enjoyment: The stress and anxiety of the last few years has driven consumers to look for more enjoyment and excitement in the products they buy, as fun experiences can provide a sense of escape from daily stressors.

5. Carbon Conscious: There is growing awareness around the role of carbon emissions in the packaging sustainability equation, with almost 60% of global consumers saying that a reduced carbon footprint is extremely or quite important to them in a product (GlobalData).


Source: Packaging Strategies

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