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Kraft Heinz Introduces First 100% Recyclable Ketchup Cap with help from Berry Global
Publish date: 2023-11-30



The launch by Kraft Heinz Company of its first 100% recyclable cap for its famous squeezy ketchup bottle demonstrates the collaborative achievement utilizing the innovative design and manufacturing capabilities of Berry Global in supporting retail brands with a move towards more sustainable packaging solutions.

Historically, Heinz sauce bottles used a flexible silicone valve to deliver a consistent portion of sauce per squeeze, but this was often challenging to recycle.  Together with Berry Global Heinz has now switched to a mono-material cap, manufactured in PP.  This means it meets requirements for recyclability.

The project has been eight years, 45 prototypes and more than 185,000 hours in development, to ensure the optimum balance between functionality and sustainability.  Berry was involved through the design and production process, from concept to the creation of the series tools in Berry’s in-house tool shop, as well as the development of the assembly equipment for industrial production.

Heinz followed a rigorous testing procedure to make sure the cap met the highest quality standards. An extended consumer survey confirmed that the new concept would be well received by the public, as it dispenses the same perfect amount of sauce every time without affecting the squeezability.

In fact, the study found that the new cap design helps consumers squeeze more ketchup out of the bottle when it is nearly empty – a testament to Berry’s ability to look holistically at the overall solution to improve the cap’s performance alongside its recyclability.

The concept won Rigid Pack of the Year for Kraft Heinz at the 2023 UK Packaging Awards.


Source: Sustainable Packaging News

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