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As a one-stop business platform serving the printing and packaging industry, Printing South China, Sino-Label, Sino-Pack and PACKINNO will provide “supply-demand docking" services, helping buyers and exhibitors to find their potential business partners. Please fill in below information, suitable suppliers will see your needs instantly and contact our professional matching team to follow up with you.

A. Sourcing Requirements & Budget
* Please select the equipment/ materials that you are interested to source (Select at most 5 items)
  1.Packaging products
Paper packaging products
Plastic packaging products
Metal packaging products
Glass packaging products
Textile packaging products
  2.Packaging materials
Paper packaging materials
Plastic packaging materials
Metal packaging materials
New packaging materials
  3.Logistics packaging materials
Rust-Proof packaging
Shock-Proof packaging
Moisture-Proof packaging
Anti-counterfeit packaging
Heavy-Duty packaging
  4.Innovative packaging raw materials
Thin film
Bio-based / Plant-based
Molded pulp packaging
Degradable / Full-degradable packaging
Recycled packaging
Returnable / Re-use packaging
  6.Packaging scheme / Design service
Packaging scheme / Design service
Others (Please specify):
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Confirmation letter will be sent to the registered email address, please provide accurate information.

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